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Moving On...

with a little help from our friends.

Moving On
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Moving On is a community for those are healing from anything - abuse, illness, disease, a traumatic experience, anything. You are not required to share what happened, but are welcome to do so if you wish.

Posts here are encouraged to be friends-only and a basic level of community containment is expected. This is to be considered a "safe place" for members.

As a member you may NOT:

-Post anything intentionally offensive or abrasive towards the group or another member.
-Quote or reference anything from this community unless explicit permission from the original writer has been given.
-Downplay or patronise any other member or what they are dealing with.
-Post anything completely irrelevant to the community.
-Advertise irrelevant communities.

As a member you are ENCOURAGED to:

-Mark any posts that may contain triggering material as *Triggering* and put them behind a cut as a courtesy to others.
-Write about any progress you wish to (big or small).
-Use a LJ cut if it is a very long text entry, contains explicit details, or an image of 500pixels tall or wide.
-Share anything you think may make other members' day better.
-Link to news articles that are relevant to the community.
-State what kind of response you want (i.e. if all you *really* want is a shoulder to cry on, please state that. If you want advice, let us know that too).
-Celebrate any relevant milestones.
-Tell any friends you think may benefit from this community and invite them to join.

This community is maintained equally by velvetcherri and tyskkvinna. If you have any questions or concerns about the community, you can either post them to the community or to the maintainers privately.

Any member who violates the rules will be banned, as will any non-member who trolls and then violates the rules. Any banned member who abuses the maintainer's journals will be banned from them as well, and reported to Livejournal's staff.